Windows Phone approaches more manufacturers with Dual SIM and more affordable processors

Not only Windows 8.1 has had its ration of news from Microsoft. As expected, the focus has also been on Windows Phone, which, although they have not presented new terminals, they do have multiple innovations regarding the operating system itself.

Microsoft has unveiled two new lines of evolution: Windows Phone will support Dual-SIM and they will add new manufacturers with new hardware. The news of the terminals, as expected, have not yet been announced and Microsoft refers us to the respective events of each manufacturer, although there are not too many expectations to see new models during these days.

LG, Lenovo, Huawei, Xolo ... and Foxconn

We said that there will be new manufacturers attached to Windows Phone because Microsoft has listed all of them. The Nokia, Samsung and HTC that we have already met in the current generation are joined by LG, Lenovo, Huawei, Xolo and others of lesser packaging, some of them with products in the first generation and others that are released with Microsoft. There is also a surprise: Foxconn becomes part of the redmond army, We will see if as a manufacturer with its own brand or for third companies to put their brand on top.

The landing of the Chinese It may mean that Microsoft continues to bet on the low ranges that have worked so well for them in the past few months, as a way to increase their interest in emerging markets. They will continue to rely on Qualcomm SoCs and announce the compatibility of Windows Phone with the Qualcomm reference design, which could make things easier for manufacturers to develop their particular designs.

They have also announced a new service for partners, Windows Hardware Phone Portal, in addition to the aforementioned Dual-SIM compatibility (Joe Belfiore, presenter of the event, has stated that he has come to Barcelona with a terminal with this dual SIM) that can be very important for the expansion of WP by emerging markets, for which will put great focus on Asia, Africa and the countries of the Middle East.

Facts and figures: WP has 10% market share

As a good press event, the string of numbers and statistical data could not be missing. According to Microsoft, Windows Phone achieved 10% market share in 2013, due to the very important growth of 91% compared to the previous year.

The data in Europe is not bad either. 59% growth in 2013, motivated not only by the terminals (which in general saw the price very reduced, something that has attracted many new users) but also by the new applications and services that came to Windows Phone during the past year. . An example of this is the landing of Instagram in November, and today they have announced that Facebook Messenger will also have a version in WP8. There are no details on when this release will take effect.

Microsoft has also taken advantage of its event at MWC 2014 to launch some data related to Windows Phone applications: its Market It already has a total of 245,000 applications that, according to the company, have suffered a total of 4,000 million downloads. As a reference, both iOS and Android are above the million applications, so the gap between first and second place with this third party occupied by Microsoft is quite wide.

Finally, Microsoft has announced a small update of Windows Phone with 'business-oriented' improvements that will arrive in the spring months, on which we take for granted they will offer new information throughout the next few days of the fair.

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