Xiaomi Mi Two is presented in China, four 1.5GHz cores and 2GB of RAM

A few days ago we were talking about a rumor: Xiaomi Mi One, one of the most amazing Android smartphones in the Chinese market, was going to have a successor. It was an open secret since we knew there was going to be a presentation. What we did not know, and with what was speculated, were its technical specifications.

Now, we can already say that it is a reality and that it is also stomping on its most direct competitors. A renewed hardware according to the canons of the high-end Android. A powerful terminal that again seeks to attract the public at a very attractive price, let's see what it offers us.

Its processor is renewed and we jump from the dual core to all four with a speed of 1.5Ghz. For more signs, we are talking about the APQ8064 chip. Next to it, an Adreno 320 responsible for moving the entire graphic part of the smartphone. According to its creators, in terms of process capacity we are facing the equivalent of an Xbox 360.

To finish off the internal part, we find 2GB of RAM. We have already seen this type of configuration on some tablets, such as the Galaxy Note 10.1 or a recent edition exclusively for Korea of ​​the Galaxy S3. Regarding internal memory we will have 16GB, it is not specified but it is understood that it will have a microSD slot.

The camera also comes with new features and we went from a minimum aperture of 2.8 to 2.0 / f. The resolution of the sensor is maintained, although it is not specified whether or not it will be the same as in the original Xiaomi Mi One.

To top off the technical specifications we have a 4.3-inch screen and a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels.During the presentation it was not specified what technology they have used but their resolution is tremendous. The battery has only grown 70mAh and we are in a more than decent 2000. Its dimensions: 126 × 62 × 10.2mm and 145 grams.

As in the previous version, we will not have Android as it is but a version modified by the well-known, within the scene, group MIUI. Personalization with a quite exquisite taste that will also bring us the latest version of the Google operating system: Jelly Bean.

Its price? 250 euros. An aggressive figure to compete against other titans on the market. It is expected to come out in October. What we do not know is whether they will opt for a distribution model similar to the original or will be marketed in a big way. Possibly it is the first thing to achieve it you will have to move a little.

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