Xiaomi Mi5 after a month of use: do not hesitate if you are willing to spend time

One of the terminals that has given the most talk in our analyzes, the Xiaomi Mi5, has already gone through the Xataka filter that we call review after one month of use.

If we were already quite happy with how this latest Xiaomi phone faces the high-end, the continued experience with it has left us some details that we wanted to share with you. Let's go without further delay with the video and our experience with the Xiaomi Mi5 after a month of use.

In love with its comfort and screen

Of the 5-inch smartphones that we have tested this year, the Xiaomi has been placed in its own right as one of the most comfortable, light and manageable. Only the Galaxy S7 can overshadow it when thinking that we do not have a terminal on it. The soft and pleasant touch helps a lot to value the design of the Xiaomi Mi5 but be careful because it is very slippery and in this month of use we have taken more than an unpleasant surprise, although without regretting "losses.

The day to day with the Xiaomi Mi5 has corroborated that the material used for the back cover, despite being glass, has much room for improvement. It has it in the first place because of what it transmits, and it's not just my feeling. In all this time, none of those who have touched, seen or known the Xiaomi Mi5 have been able to identify the back cover as glass. Giving it some texture, either with a different finish or better-framed edges, could help make the grip more consistent.

No one in this month of use was able to identify the material of the Xiaomi Mi5 as glass. Luckily it is the best of the year in comfort of use within five inches

Finally I have to talk about the microSD card slot. As you know from our analysis, it does not carry, and we found it strange in a terminal of the Chinese company. In any case, the 32 GB of the base model seems sufficient to us for the price we are paying, but not for this reason are we going to miss the possibility of expansion that Xiaomi has not considered introducing in its terminal.

The other pillar of our more than satisfactory experience with the Xiaomi Mi5 in this month of use is on the screen. It is true that it stays in 1080p resolution, but at no time have we missed that it was not 2K, and less if we think about the price of the phone. That pleasant experience is due to the fact that it is a visually very spectacular panel, with high brightness and good visibility outdoors. In this month of use it has had to endure quite a few uses with sunny days and it seemed to us a very correct experience.

In its price range, the Xiaomi MI5 screen is the best you can get, very spectacular but with a black frame around which you have to get used to as a toll

The Xiaomi Mi5 takes advantage of the front dimensions very well to cover a lot of space with the panel, and the little trick of simulating that reaches practically to the edges although in reality that area is not part of the screen itself, has ended up being part of our day to day. In the end we have ended up getting used to it and it would be very strange if someone stopped opting for this terminal with this screen, price and benefits for that detail. Where it is least appreciated is when we are consuming multimedia content, helping us to become more immersed with this "simulation" of reaching from side to side of his body.

Power and camera not to complain

One of the aspects that make the Xiaomi Mi5 compete from you to you with the best high-end of the market is in the performance. Its Snapdragon 820 and 3 GB of RAM have left us a completely satisfactory experience in terms of fluidity. There is no task in all this time using it as the main terminal in which we have felt that we needed more RAM and processor power.

In performance, the combination of Snapdragon 820 with 3GB of RAM puts this MI5 competing head to head with the high-end. The camera not so much

Loading many websites in the browser, playing or editing photos I have not noticed warming, except at times when loading or a lot of data transfer, for example when enough applications were updated at the same time.

Speaking of battery, the 3,000 mAh of its huge battery is very noticeable. We have given it enough use and there have been days in which we have been able to chain two days of autonomy without excessive problem. And if it could not be, a quick charge of just 15 minutes was enough to give it the necessary push to resist until the rest of the day.

As we already told you, it is convenient to get a pair of USB-C cables, or at least, an adapter from microUSB, something that did not come in the box, as well as headphones.

A detail to which we have grown very fond in this month of use has been the double nanoSIM.Although it only allows us to have one of the lines for data, this functionality seems to me more attractive every day in one terminal, and many other companies should take notes because it gives flexibility to those who sometimes carry two lines and do not want to carry as many terminals .

At the specification level, the fingerprint reader has been essential for us. It is very comfortable to use on a smartphone and in the case of the one that integrates the Xiaomi Mi5, although it is slightly behind the solutions of Apple or Samsung, we like that it is on the front and that with a single press (it is not worth posing simply ), we can safely identify ourselves even with the screen locked.

Another section of the Xiaomi Mi5 that we have made the most of in this month of use has been the camera. To point and shoot and have great photos is more than enough, with fast shooting and focus. The feeling that has left us is that I rarely think that we need more for many of the users. Without being able to match the best photographic terminals, it does exceed the equivalent by price.

The only downside is the same as in our review, but corroborated more times than we would have liked: even if you do not realize it when you take the photo, when reviewing them in the gallery or trying to publish them, there are fingers that slip very easily due to the proximity from the lens to the edge. In the end we ended up cutting the photo slightly to remove that unwanted addition.

Miui is not for everyone (if you are not in China)

The key point of our experience with the Xiaomi Mi5 is in the software. Miui is true that it leaves a lot of control to the user and is very customizable and powerful, but it is not for everyone.

The system is full of applications and services by default that are focused on the global market and in some cases the notices to use them are very insistent. As if that were not enough, the ROM with which it is obtained does not include the Google store and it is no longer as simple as before to be able to install it and start working with the services of a western Android to which we are accustomed.

Whoever chooses the Xiaomi MI5 as a terminal should know that they will not have access to the Google application store or its services unless they spend time and some knowledge about ROMs

For someone who wants to open their box and start using the phone by just inserting the SIM, it is not the most suitable phone, due to its good value for money. You have to invest some time to be able to leave everything as it would come in a non-Xiaomi terminal.

But taking care as always with where we buy it and what guarantees we get, the Xiaomi Mi5 is very difficult not to recommend it to users who do not want to spend more than they should and who do not mind having to mess around with the operating system enough.

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