Xperia Z2, Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8: we compare the top of the range 2014

HTC One M8. Samsung Galaxy S5. Sony Xperia Z2. In that order, these have been the biggest launches in the highest range so far. What have we found? What is the best today?

To discuss these three terminals we have a video confrontation where we introduce you in detail to these terminals, we comment on their strengths and weaknesses, and we review what they have seemed to us after thoroughly testing them in their respective analyzes: Xperia Z2, HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Video review of the Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and Xperia Z2

If you want to get to know these three terminals much better and remember their complete video reviews:

The best Android phones face to face

As we have mentioned, the three reference terminals of what we have been doing in 2014 have already gone through the Xataka work and analysis table, so to complement the video confrontation between a server and my partner Juan Carlos, we leave you with the notes and opinions that we made at the time in the analyzes of the best smartphones of this first half of 2014:

The opinion and note of the HTC One (M8) in Xataka

HTC has decided to go all-or-nothing with this One (M8) and play with the strengths of design, finish and camera to qualify for the throne of the Android ecosystem. But after this analysis, the One M8 can only do it right now at the level of design and finish, because it is where it makes a difference with the rest of the terminals. And that is the path of exclusivity without lowering the price chosen by the manufacturer.

And what about the camera? Well, simply that it has not advanced compared to last year in its great defects (high contrast scenes and sensor resolution), and that in addition, the Duo Camera function we do not believe that it provides value where users are looking for it. It is fun but for now they have not managed to be well executed according to the results.

HTC now has market launch almost at the same time as its main and powerful rivals, and a unique challenge: to convince the premium Android consumer that if they want the best terminal in design and finish, the One is their choice. But for now it's the only thing they take advantage of.


Design9.5 screen Performance9.5 Camera8 Software8.25 Autonomy8

In favor

  • Exquisite, premium and ergonomic design
  • performance
  • Camera interface and capabilities
  • Multimedia experience with screen and speakers


  • Overall performance of the main camera
  • Refocusing and real functionality of Duo Camera
  • Terminal height in relation to its screen diagonal

The opinion and note of the Galaxy S5 in Xataka

We may not like the finish that does so little for the personality of this terminal or for being able to compare it with the rest of the high-end of all platforms, but the Galaxy S5 is again one of the best terminals without a doubt on the market. That halo of superiority that he has been living these years is no longer such, the rivals have placed themselves on par, but that has not meant that the level offered by the Galaxy is undeserving at all.

At a technical level, Samsung joins the almost standard configuration at the performance level, and pays the attention it deserves to the screen, which is surely the best on the market today, and the battery. With Qualcomm's 28nm HPM SoC and Samsung's shadow work, we can talk about great autonomy for such a serious smartphone without resorting to a huge battery in capacity (and size).

Also the photo camera, with its commitment to its own sensor technology, is worth it in this Galaxy S5. It cannot compete with "specialized" rivals when light is scarce, but when this is not a problem, which it will be most of the time, the camera of the Galaxy S5 excellently addresses what a terminal for the general public is going to demand of it. : quickly and not fear that a photo does not turn out as we expected. The detailed work, coloring and dynamic range treatment are outstanding.


Design8.25 screen Performance9.5 Camera8.75 Software8.5 Autonomy8,25

In favor

  • Very fast camera to focus and shoot, with excellent results when there is enough light
  • Excellent display
  • Weight and IP67 certification
  • TouchWiz is an add-on that adds


  • Design and finish far from what one expects in a current high range
  • Protection against water forces to have the charging port with cover
  • By increasing 0.1 inch the diagonal we have lost one-handed handling
  • Upgradable camera in low light

The opinion and note of the Sony Xperia Z2 in Xataka

Whoever gets this Z2 is going to take with them, above all, a smartphone of an outstanding level and with its own identity. The design language and the quality of the materials help make it so, but also a screen that shines with its own light and a top performance. The set results in one of those proposals with an ability to connect beyond the table of specifications and functionalities with the user

There are points where Sony still has room for improvement: on the screen they have taken a step forward with the IPS but when the sun is fully out, the experience should be better; in the camera we are quite satisfied with its performance, but it is still not the differential value with which Sony takes a body out of the competition. But especially in size is where the Xperia Z2 continues to have its pending issue compared to the high-end.

It remains to add in its favor the bet to take care of the audio - I insist on recommending its in-ear headphones with noise cancellation - and that in autonomy we finally have an Xperia with which to achieve that goal of the day without having to recharge, point in that Stamina mode lends a hand.

With all this the note of the new Sony franchise has to be high.


Design8.5 screen Yield9.25 Camera8.75 Software8.5 Autonomy8,75

In favor

  • The finish: design and quality of materials
  • The leap forward on the screen
  • IP58 water and dust resistance
  • The camera improves on Z1
  • Very careful audio from Sony


  • In size it is big for 5.2 inches
  • The screen suffers in full sunlight
  • Camera still has upgrade path

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