And the rumors about the next iPhone return

Sacha commented on this entry: there are already rumors about the start of manufacturing of the new iPhone.

Such rumors would speak of Foxconn as the chosen manufacturer, which has already played its role in previous versions of the iPhone and seems to be the best placed to manufacture the fourth generation of Apple's phone. It also appears that since Cupertino (headquarters of the apple boys) have already given the starting signal for the production of the new phone.

What news will the iPhone 4G bring us? Little is known, although much can be expected considering how the competition is progressing. I would bet on a multitasking terminal really and 5 megapixel camera, with a new design and, I hope, a renewed interface. They have been using the same icons for three years, with functionalities that have hardly changed and, in general, doing the same on the phone. It is time for change, and I would even say that if it comes true it will be somewhat late.

And of course, the release date of the new iPhone 4G. In previous models we have seen an annual relay, every year a new model was launched in the months prior to summer (June or July). With almost certainty this year will be no exception, although we may see something in February at the traditional Apple fair, the MacWorld Expo to be held from February 9.

Although I still maintain the iPhone EDGE for a few years now, I am afraid that in 2010 I will have to renew. For now, the Google Nexus One has all the ballots to be chosen, although of course you will have to be aware of the new Apple terminal.

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