There are already traces of the Zune Phone that may be present in Barcelona

It is already over three years since we are behind the Zune Phone. Well now it seems that for the umpteenth time the expired one will be held at the MWC in Barcelona in a few weeks when it will be officially presented. Or at least show us.

The folks at IstartedSomething have posted the first traces that could confirm that Microsoft is indeed working on its own phone. If even Google already has it, they should think about Redmond. The latest Zune player software update shows data that points the way to a future phone associated with that name. The announcement could not come at a better time, since Windows 7 is expected to be a major player in the Barcelona mobile phone fair.

On the characteristics of the terminal, imagine a Zune but with mobile phone functionalities. Nvidia could put you, as it does with the player, the Tegra platform, so that the world of reproduction and games would be at your feet.

The rumor could also remain in a simple jump from Zune to Windows Mobile, as it is already known, but Microsoft has to have something prepared for Barcelona that focuses attention on them.

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