Zune HD is coming to Windows Mobile in the future

It was something that could be seen coming, but it is still interesting that an official confirmation arrives, especially if it is done by Steve Ballmer: Zune HD will be available on mobile phones, in addition to the Microsoft player itself and in Windows.

Therefore, it is postulated as a platform rather than as a single device. In fact, rumors suggest that the current version of the Zune HD as a physical player could be the last to see the light and that, later, Microsoft will focus on the service part.

It is certainly not a bad strategy, as it would be the one that would give you the most benefits. A music store, along with an application store, would copy the model that Apple has implemented in its iTunes Store, but applying it to a very large number of potential devices.

All this, of course, would come with Windows Mobile 7, which still lacks enough time to see the light officially, since today the release of version 6.5 has been made official. So we will have to wait at least a year to see how all this ends up materializing.

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